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How to get Free Pornhub Premium Account Cookies account is a big question that has been bothering the minds of porn addicts around the world. After all, getting hold of one of the most popular sites on the internet is not that easy. And this is even when you are ready to cough up some of the highest charges for accessing the site. This will only go up if you are not careful and do not know exactly how to get Free Pornhub Premium Account Cookies account. So here are some quick tips that can help you in getting access.

First, you must be very careful about the payment options that the portal offers. While most of the portals will allow you to make payments using major credit cards, there will be a few that will not. So if you have never bought anything online before, it would be better to stick to your cash. Most of the sales and payment processing on the internet have been simplified by PayPal so you would do well to go with them if you have never made any payments before.

Second, when you are ready to get an account with Pornhub, do not make the mistake of thinking that making the first payment is an automatic approval process. There are a number of stipulations and conditions that you must fulfill if you want to be granted access to the porn site. You may need to submit an application form in which you must include your e-mail address, your social security card number, and other pertinent information. This is a precautionary measure taken by the portal to prevent any fraudulent transactions and is common among all sites that accept credit card payments.

Third, once you get the approval, do not think that you are done. You will still have to subscribe to the service. The reason for this is to ensure that you do not get tempted to jump to another site just because you have been approved once. Each member of the porn addiction will have to pay for the monthly subscription. Do not think that once you have signed up for a subscription, the job is done. As mentioned above, you will still have to pay for the service.

Fourth, when it comes to using your credit card to make the payment, remember that you should always provide a secure website on which you make the purchase. Pornhub accepts the most reputable and secure websites when it comes to credit card payments. You should now click on the “buy” button provided on the main page of the site to enter your credit card information.

Fifth, when you are ready to receive your pornography, you may not want to wait too long. Pornhub offers instant downloads after you make a selection. This means that it will only be a matter of minutes before you can log on and start enjoying your videos. However, if you have not made your selection yet, do not worry. You will be able to search through their wide database of videos until you find one that you will enjoy watching. This is the reason why it is important to know how to get a pornhub premium account.

Sixth, there is also a possibility that the payment will be delayed in some cases. This does not necessarily mean that you are not supposed to pay for your subscription. It is just a technical hitch that is being fixed as the company expands. They are working on it every day.

Seventh, the company is fully committed to helping its subscribers. Their customer service team is willing to help you solve all your problems regarding how to get a pornhub premium account. You will even be able to talk to them one-on-one if you need to. This can only mean that you are not alone when it comes to enjoying porn.

How to use Pornhub Premium Account Cookies 2021

STEP 1 Download this chrome extension: Cookie-Editor
Step 2. Open website:
Step 3. click on the cookies editor icon
Step 4. select the delete all button
Step 5. select the import option
Step 6. Paste cookies and click on import.

Please Never Logout. If possible then do it on the chrome incognito tab.

Delete the old cookies first

NOTE: This cookie is functional only on chrome.


Download Pornhub Premium Cookies and Account: